Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Eveline High School (Bulawayo) - Netball 1961

Back Row (left to right): M. STOWE, V. CUNLIFF  j. WAYLAND (Captain), M. BANCROFT
Front Row (left to right) : Y. SMITH, L. KAiPP.

This year's Netball teams were, on the whole, quite successful and the players thoroughly enjoyed their matches.

The 1st team played six matches; of which they won four and lost two. The 2nd team played only one match but unfortunately lost. The Under 15A team played very well this season. Of the seven matches played they won six and lost one. The Under 15B and Form IA, IB and IC teams were undefeated.

The 1st and Under 15A teams travelled to Jameson School in Gatooma and were supposed to travel to Salisbury to play Girls' High School but this match was cancelled. We did, however, play Girls' High School later in the term.

The Inter-House Netball Cup was won by Mcintosh with Connaught as runners-up. We were pleased to see a Day-scholar house doing so well.

The staff versus girls match was very entertaining. The staff were dressed in maroon tunics and the girls were dressed as babies. The result of this match was an 11—5 win to the staff after much cheating.

No Netball colours were awarded this year.

My sincere good wishes go to all players returning next year, and may you have good luck in the coming season.


Photo By Robal Studios


Source: Eveline High School Manual of 1961 which was made available by Lewis Walter.

Extracted and recompiled by Eddy Norris for sole use on Our Rhodesian Heritage Blog which ORAFs administers.

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